Audio-Video solution always seems simple,

But to get a DIMPLE You can’t settle with SIMPLE

Get your Audio-Video Designed for


The Certified Technology Specialist.

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Audio-Video solution always seems simple,
But to get a DIMPLE You can’t settle with SIMPLE
Get your Audio-Video Designed for


The Certified Technology Specialist.

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What we undertake


Food Menu | Retail |BFSI |Industrial |Healthcare |Education

Considerations before purchasing
  • Brightness of display
  • Nearest & Farthest Audience
  • Working Hours
  • SIgnage Software
  • Buy Commercial Display


Food Menu | Retail |BFSI |Industrial |Healthcare |Education

Consideration before buying
  • Informative or Interactive
  • Portrait or landscape
  • LED or LCD
  • Connectivity – Wifi/LAN/USB/SIMM
  • Portable or non Portable
  • With Media Player or Without


Surveillance | Traffic Control | Disaster Mgmt |Share Anaylsis | NOC | SOC

Considerations before purchasing
  • Required Resolution
  • No of Inputs and Outputs
  • Number and type of Input
  • Number of windows in output
  • Indoor or outdoor
  • Audience Positioning


Conference Rooms | Auditoriums |Lounge | Discotheques |Place of worship | Events |Experience Centers

Considerations before purchasing
  • Room layout
  • Acoustics
  • Audience Sitting Layout
  • User Experience objective
  • Budget


Movie Productions | Broadcast | Virtual Studio |Recording | Bedroom Studio

Considerations before purchasing
  • Purpose
  • Ceiling Height
  • Acoustic
  • Lighting
  • AV Components Selection


Command Centers | Conference Rooms | Auditoriums |Lounge | Discotheques |Place of worship | Events |Experience Centers

Considerations before purchasing
  • Content to be displayed
  • No of Inputs and Outputs
  • Audience Positioning
  • Size of display

Visuals speaks louder than words

About Us

Founded in 1994, BITSY is poised as an Audio-Video innovator and technical interiors specialist.

With our team of Certified Technologist Specialists & Certified Audio-Video technologists, we curate effective high-end Audio-Video solutions to deliver unique effective digital experiences for: Customer Experience Zones, Command Operations Centers, Studios, Auditoriums, Lobbies, Meeting Boardrooms, Tech Labs, Smart Building Environments,
Turnkey IT infrastructure


We will be a little selfish here, in order to flex our creative muscles.
We always want to create something which acts as a steroid for our creative minds and create an experience that you can flaunt about.
If you are looking for the cheapest so we are NOT the ones for you, as we believe CHEAP IS COSTLY and we believe in delivering value.

We don’t only sell Audio-Video & IT solutions but help customers make informed buying decisions by doing need analysis for them as per your AVIXA standards and giving an exact solution that meets to your requirements.

Hence, we celebrate more than 1000 loyal clients.

Sounds like a fit? Let’s chat! Send me a message or book a free advice session here.

Your award winning
trusted partner for
AV and ICT solutions


Innovative Digital Display Solutions

Create compelling digital menus, displays & get engaged with your customers. Boost sales with our range of digital signage systems & display solutions. We have been supplying cutting edge digital signage systems combined with the state of the art Menu BoardsOutdoor LED DisplaysLED Video WallsDigital Way Finders & Touch Screen Interactive Kiosk to a varied customers in Mumbai & several others all throughout India. Our digital signage are highly reliable & are designed maintaining the highest standards of quality.

Video Display panels are without doubt, one of the most sensational communication tools of the 21st century. At Bitsy Displays, we provide an array of display technologies to transform your brand identity. Our tagline “Innovations with video panels” embodies our mission to provide you with world-class display solutions, enhanced with high-end technology.

Feel free to Contact Us for further information about our digital sign boards and it’s pricings.

Why Use Led Screen for Advertising Outdoor?

One of the biggest advantages of outdoor LED displays is that their attention-grabbing capabilities are perfect for any type of event right from festivals to fairs to educational events. Because of the bright and dynamic display, people are much more likely to stop and take in your message. Compared to traditional billboards on the highways, you can see how someone is more likely to read your advertisement when it is displayed on a bright and vivid LED screen. Mobile LED displays offer even more flexibility with advertising.

Digital billboards do need much maintenance and are resistant to damage. Traditional billboards on the other hand are made of vinyl that is easily damaged and light fixtures require regular maintenance. When you compare both technologies, it is easy to see why an outdoor led screen is the preferred choice for advertisers across the entire country.

Durability and Efficiency of Outdoor Led Digital Signs

The durability of an outdoor LED screen is commendable. It can easily withstand rain, wind or other harsh weather conditions. Building a static billboard can blow a hole in your predetermined budget. Digital LED billboards on the other hand involve zero production costs. Take a look at the curved LED display installations in sports stores in Dubai. You will get a fair bit of an idea about the robustness and appeal of LED screens available in the market today.

With LED lights, you get clear images, vibrant colours and a design that grabs the attention of people passing by. Compared to other lighting solutions, LED technology delivers lighter per watt in a bulb. Moreover, they have less wasted light and more useful lumens than other types of lighting solutions. In this way, LED video walls provide a brighter image while using less power which boosts the light’s energy efficiency

How to Remotely Operate an Outdoor Led Display?

As digital signages are becoming more and more popular, the need to remotely manage these devices is accelerating. In fact, according to a study, interactive content is 81% more effective than static content at increasing conversions. To avoid the need to individually visit every signage location for maintenance and publishing, remotely managing digital signage is important.

This is especially true if you have multiple devices installed at different locations. Choosing a cloud solution to remotely manage your outdoor digital displays for publishing, replacing, monitoring and deleting content on the LED digital display and resolving issues without visiting the location is ideal.

The technology that operates the LED display makes it possible to change the visuals on the sign effortlessly without actually touching the screen. Wireless data sends messages to and for between the sign and the computer within seconds. This reinforces the technology used in LED displays and just how powerful and simple it can be for a user.

If you have an advertisement that resonates with your audience at one location and wants to use it in another location, just upload your content from the backend to the outdoor LED screen software and it will display the ad in the new market.

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