10 Outdoor Digital Signage Mistakes Affecting Your Business

10 Outdoor Digital Signage Mistakes Affecting Your Business

In recent years, digital menu boards, video walls, self-service kiosks, and wayfinding signages have gained popularity, and for good reason. These outdoor LED displays are powerful communication tools for captivating audiences and venturing into new markets. However, all too often, businesses fail to maximize their potential by making errors while designing and implementing them which can prove costly. Unsuccessful digital signage can lead to a lack of results, a less impactful marketing strategy, and a missed opportunity to stand out from the competition. If you are planning to use digital signage, here are some mistakes you should avoid so that you get the most out of your investment. 

1. A Lack of Contrast

Contrast is important for viewers to engage with outdoor digital display. If viewers have a hard time comprehending the content on the display, they will ignore it and walk away. Proper contrast improves readability and directs the reader’s attention to your content, which is exactly what you want.  

2. Inferior Content Quality

Poor content quality is another reason why your outdoor LED displays are ineffective. If you display low-quality images and videos, viewers will quickly lose interest. Remember, we live in a fast-paced world, and no one has time to spend even 1 minute in front of your display to understand what you are trying to convey. Your digital display should have high-quality, eye-catching content that quickly conveys your message. 

3. Not Guiding Customers on What to Do Next

Besides informing viewers about your product, it is also important to instruct them what to do next. You don’t want them to be left in the lurch after getting interested in your product. Include a CTA in your content that informs viewers how to get in touch with your company.  

4. Incorrect Placement

Ensure your outdoor LED screen is placed correctly if you want high engagement. Put yourself in your viewer’s shoes. How would you feel if you had to strain your neck to read a digital display? Of course, uninterested. The same goes for your viewers. Mount your display at eye-level so it is easy to read.  

5. Not Servicing Your Digital Display  

If you’re not servicing the hardware and software of your digital display regularly, you’re making a huge mistake. A dusty or damaged display will ruin the viewing experience of passersby. Ensure your display is inspected and maintained regularly. Moreover, also ensures the software is updated for the best customer experience.  

6. Wrong Font

The font choice can have a huge difference in readability. For longer content, sans-serifs are an excellent option since they have no visual features that can be distracting. On the other hand, serif fonts are better for short messages that won’t suffer from the additional decoration.  

7. Content That Doesn’t Resonate with Your Target Audience 

Creating content for your audience is important. You can create exceptional content and design it to be eye-catching, but it will be useless if viewers don’t relate or find it interesting. Ensure the content in your outdoor LED displays resonates with your target audience.   

8. Inappropriate Content-Length  

The duration of the content length is also important for grabbing viewers’ attention. Consider the location where the display will be placed. For, e.g., in busy areas, passersby might only briefly glance at your content, so short messages will have more impact. On the other hand, in relaxed environments like waiting rooms where people have a little more time on their hands, detailed videos or infographics will do.  

9. Stale Content

It is important that you display content with value for passersby. Keep your content fresh by updating it daily and displaying it for short periods rather than a whole day. Fresh content will ensure that you retain your customers.  

10. Cluttered Display

Digital display software offers a variety of content options, but that doesn’t mean you need to display all of them at one time. Your digital display only needs to inform customers about your products or services. Anything other than that will confuse viewers as to what you are trying to tell them.  

Incorporating digital signages into your marketing strategy is essential; however, while doing so, it is important to avoid the above pitfalls if you want to make the most of your time and money.   

For more tips on effectively utilizing digital signages to achieve your marketing goals, contact Bitsy Displays. After understanding your goals and needs, we will help you choose the right outdoor LED displays that will ensure you grab the attention of viewers, even in high-traffic areas. Our digital displays are designed to work efficiently regardless of harsh weather, noise or dust. Our 1000 loyal clients are a testament to our dedication towards customer satisfaction. Do you want your company to be featured on that list? Contact us today for outdoor led displays that wow viewers while encouraging them to purchase.

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