11 overlooked facts of studio design


Studio design expands beyond the obvious like Cameras, Microphones, Speakers, Mixers, and Computers.

First and foremost, you need not know everything to get started

? ??????? ?? ?????? : Decide what you will do in your studio. Maybe you will record an orchestra, record music, record audio, broadcast, and do virtual VC training.

?????????? ???? ??????: In order to do backward integration, it is essential.

??????? ???? ?????? ?????????: What gear will you need to accomplish your goals? Create a proper BOQ and a schematic diagram and have several sessions of brainstorming.

?????????? ???? ????? ????????????: Make sure you have enough space to do your work. For example, a mixer will need a small place, but an orchestra will need a huge space, so draw a floor plan.

? ????????, ????????, ????????  For example, avoid spaces near traffic, airports, trains, busy market, and apartments. — Make sure that your studio doesn’t sit next to a baby room, an educational institute, or a meditation center.

? ???? ??? ???? ?????????: You can make any room sound decent with acoustic treatment, but if you can choose between an asymmetrical room and a symmetrical one, go with the asymmetrical one. To make the room quiet, use broadband absorbers, diffusers, and bass traps.

? ????? ??? ???? that divides the control room from the live room.

? ??? ?????? ???? ?? ??? ???????- ??????: The power cables, LAN cables, Audio cables, Mic cables, distribution panels, and wall outlets this has to be designed meticulously otherwise there will be a daisy chain of cables running on the floor and you will tumble down for sure, keep electrical and audio cables separate to avoid electromagnetic interference.

????? ?? ???? ??? ????: Your studio is a creative space, and you’ll spend a lot of time in there, so it’s important to make it relaxing and ergonomic. Place gear as per ergonomic so you don’t have to strain yourself to operate and don’t forget to decorate it so that you are inspired when you to stay there.

????????? ?? ??? ????????? ?? ??????.  If cameras are going to be used always have a grid structure on the ceiling so lights can be flexible as per your need so you can have professional lighting

��??? ?????????? from an expert to set up your studio.

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