5 Steps To Make Your Digital Way finder A Success

In a massive campus, it is a tough job to get individuals where they need to be. A Wayfinder can undoubtedly illuminate this issue and help a guest to find the route straight to their destination. Other than providing easy navigation, a digital way discoverer can also cooperate with a potential customer with your product assistance. In case you’re searching for a notably advanced Wayfinder provider in Mumbai or any place in India then, look no further.

To satisfy the Client’s business needs, we have been helping various users with our interactive wayfinding displays. Whether it be day or night, a digital way finder which includes maps, directions and clear messages, can answer to your client’s need.

Enhance Your Visitor Experience:

The Digital way finder can be useful in a big way especially when you need to find that where you want to reach in large public places like airports, hospitals and offices which otherwise would be a challenge for visitors and create a problem for staff.

The Digital Way Finder comes with a comprehensive and dynamic system which utilizes sophisticated mapping tools, touch-screen functionality, and real-time weather and event widgets for directing, informing, engaging, engaging and managing your clients.


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  • Vigorous, Real-time Content that Builds Brand Trust
  • Addition with Meeting Room Event Databases

1. Spot Point

In Digital way-finding, location is important in any form of signage is considered. It should be made sure that the way-finding kiosk is a focal point and is placed formerly or at decision places. This becomes a boon especially when the user reaches an intersection because it gives them enough time to decide which path to take to reach their particular stop.

2. Known Markers

The digital and manual location markers familiar to the viewers should be used. The logical pattern of the room numbers and certain locations used in the area should be recognizable. Effortlessly understandable icons should be used in the interface. To highlight and organize different areas in bigger locations, color coding should be used.

3. User Friendly

Signage should be kept straightforward. Do not engulf your users with abundant information and choices. Being extreme can compromise with the clarity of the content. Inclusion of the art of user-friendliness in way finding system’s design is important. Users who understand less technology can be daunted by too much content of way finding interface.

4. Navigation

While designing the content and it’s employment, it should be thought out how the way the finding system will be viewed. Also, persons with disability should also be considered for the system and information should be provided on how they can navigate through your establishment. The location for automatic doors, appropriately designed pavements and clear paths should be shown.

5. Contact Details

Contact information and means to reach staff should be provided. It can be useful for the users in case of emergency and other concerns. In Corporate companies, this can work well where employees can be contacted individually in a very appropriate way. By including the contact info, user involvement is encouraged and users are shown that the establishment is still involved even with a digitally communicative system around to accommodate to their requirements.

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