Attributes Of Led Video Wall For Events

LED video panels comprise of multiple monitors that are tiled to create continuous or overlapped form so that a single large screen can be created. The screen commonly utilized consists of narrow bezels that assist in reducing mullion. We will add here that mullion is gap which is present between active display sections.

LED Video Walls – An Insight

In addition to it, the screens contain necessary hardware that can be utilized to stack other screens. This functionality is available in conjunction with other features such as connection option so that screen can be linked with command signals that transmit between daisy chain power, screens as well as video output.

The command signals serve different functions ranging from switching screens off or on to calibration of brightness for any specific screen in case a bulb is replaced.

What are the advantages of using video walls?

The advantages of video wall solutions comprise of:

  • Reduced space requirement as it is possible to create video walls superficially.
  • Retain high brightness regardless of image size.
  • Existing components are easy to replace or repair without the need to halt the display
  • System reliability is improved due to redundancy of LED video panels.
  • As array of devices are available for display, you can develop high resolution display systems in which quality of image can be retained regardless of display size.
  • *You can display several images on multiple screens or single image on all screens so that audience present at the event can have enhanced viewing experience.

A Look at Some of the Features

LED video wall in India come loaded with many different features; let us look at them here:

Excellent Illumination

The utilization of broad color gamut ensures almost 25% augmentations with respect to perceptional brightness.  Additionally, these provide superior brightness control and have lower maintenance requirement. They are also environmentally safe as these do not contain lead or mercury.

All Angle Viewing

Video wall solutions allow rotation of crystals so that light and color can pass at multiple angles. This makes it possible to achieve bright images and get vibrant colors irrespective of angle from which you view it.

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