Know How Is Importance of Interactive Kiosks Growing With Video Conferencing

Today people from any part of the world can access an interactive kiosk for completing many tasks including making transactions, paying bills and printing photos. Self-service kiosks are also becoming popular for assessing consumer preferences and behavioural changes. 

Despite all this, it is important to remember that communication and interaction still play a vital role in people’s lives. Since human connection is central in the technological age, there is a need for investment in interactive kiosks with video conferencing. Brands and companies can save a huge amount of money by hiring an employee to serve many customers in multiple locations. 

Why Use Interactive Kiosks With Videoconferencing? 

Real Time Communication 

Kiosks allow a customized and immediate communication to take place between an expert, salesperson and a customer. Your customers do not need to stand in line to communicate with a customer representative as with touch screen kiosks, they can do it remotely and get the information at the right time. 

Reduction In Point-of-sale Cost 

If you use kiosks, you don’t need to hire on-site employees which can help you reduce costs and improve efficiency at the same time. Moreover, a salesperson can assist customers in multiple locations thereby allowing you to serve more clients 

Human Touch  

Interactive kiosks can offer a wide range of applications. For eg, customers can print all the information they need themselves and also contact customer care to solve any issues that they might be facing. 

Saves Time 

An interactive kiosk can help you serve more customers quickly and efficiently.  When clients know they can spend as much they would like on kiosks, they will be able to handle time-consuming processes. Additionally, consumers can use in-store kiosks, customers will be able to enjoy a better shopping experience. 

Application Of Interactive Kiosks With Video Conferencing 


The banking sector has highly benefitted from the use of interactive kiosks, Banks all over the globe are replacing ATMs with video teller machines.  For eg, a bank in Brazil has adopted a zero staff approach wherein all the work is taken care of by an interactive kiosk through visual cues which guide customers regarding balance, transactions and loan agreements. 


While self-service kiosks are already in use, video kiosks are a relatively new phenomenon.  Through video conferencing, passengers can communicate with remote call agents who will provide them with information about new flights or help them find their way around the airport which can span thousands of square miles. 

Car Rentals  

Interactive kiosks have tremendous economic potential as they have helped many companies transform their business models and reduce operational costs.  Hertz which is the largest car rental service in the world decided to use kiosks as it was a good response to fluctuations in customer demand.  The company installed kiosks in airports, tourist spots, body shops and parking lots with an aim to help customers easily contact an operator or rent a vehicle. 

Our touch screen kiosks provide all the required information to guide and educate your customers about what your company offers and quickens the process of customer service.  The different types of kiosks we supply include public information kiosks, retail kiosks, digital restaurant menu, security kiosks, ticketing kiosk, transactional ki, LED video panels, digital Wayfinder and guiding kiosks to meet different business needs. They are high definition, easy to transport, customizable, have a sleek design and come in different colours. 

Digital Menu for Restaurant

Digital Menu For Restaurant Business- Adopt The Perfect Management Device

Today, due to modern technology where everything is getting digitized, restaurant menus are also not left behind! It is also true that replacing hard copies with digital ones will help you in many ways that will surely surprise you. Not only are these very affordable, but also you do not keep printing the menus all the time as you make an update or you can make any changes to your current menu. Digital menu boards look very attractive and also it is quite convenient for customers to have a look anywhere and anytime! This will surely help you with upselling.

How digital menus are boosting the restaurant business in this current age?

Digital menu for restaurants is a great idea because you can reduce any manual mistakes. These menus are quite time-saving as well as one can avoid any wrong entries. Customers can order online which will help the restaurant owners get the precise order without making any mistakes, as well as customers, can track and streamline the order-taking process. Digital restaurant menus are more advantageous than the usual traditional menus for multiple reasons. Nowadays, many restaurants are using digital restaurant software to conduct all the restaurant operations as these make all the processes quite easy. Hence, let’s look into the major reasons why digitizing restaurant menus is beneficial:

Accurate order-taking process

Technology has reduced dependency on manpower which helps in recording and tracking everything with greater perfection and accuracy. Orders can be taken smoothly with e-menus on every table as orders do not have to be taken by the host/hostess in a restaurant, which in turn frees them and helps save time to concentrate more on giving customers greater customer service and satisfaction.

Menus can be updated anytime!

Surprised? If any new offers or discount are going on in your restaurant, host/hostess do not have to inform each and every customer about any current offers while taking orders. Instead, with the use of digital menus, you can update your restaurant menus anytime and the customers can view this offer anytime when they are about to order something without manually having to tell them about it. This will seem more organized and will provide the customers with an amazing dining experience.

Improved Guest experience

You can enhance customer experience by using a digital restaurant menu as these types of menus are highly advantageous. The food items displayed on the digital menus will appear more attractive by using a stellar HD photo on the tablets. These menus can be arranged in such a manner that they will suggest to customers similar food items which will help them explore different dishes as per their tastes and preference. This will provide a personalized experience for the guests.

Much more affordable

Traditional static menus are very costly as these menus are designed, printed, shipped, and reprinted whenever there are any offers going on or any promotional items that need to be put up on the menus. Once you have a digital restaurant menu designed and integrated along with the POS system, restaurant owners can easily maintain it by uploading pictures and posting the same on different social media platforms. These digital menus can be easily edited and tweaked which allows your restaurant or café to be diverse in terms of design and provides a variety of food items by adapting to a variety of ongoing trends and seasonal festivals.

Track all the data

You can easily track all the data which is vital for any type of business and thus this goes the same with the restaurant business. With the use of data analytics in the digital menus, you will be able to track which dishes are being ordered more frequently and also get to know the popular dishes liked by the guests while also tracking the time weekly, monthly or yearly whenever these are sold the most. This data is useful as you can keep up the stock of the things in your kitchen to meet the demands in that particular period.


With the amount of technological development taking place in this age, there is a sprawling effect taking place in the hospitality industry widely. Thus, depending on a traditional menu can make you lose any potential for growth and accumulation of any new customers than your competitors. Shape your digital menus with enticing images and videos to give the ultimate visual experience to the customers. Choose Bitsy Display’s menu boards for standing out among your competitors by creating fresh and unique content on your digital menus however you want with easy-to-read, attractive, amazing designs, images, and videos. Connect with Bitsy Display to offer a unique and incredible visual experience to your customers with the best digital menu boards!

Digital Signage Solutions

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Wayfinding digital signages help users navigate, find what they are looking for and help them plan their route. Effective wayfinding signage does more than just give directions.  When used strategically on campus, in shopping centers, airports, or in any other large facility, they can become an irreplaceable resource that benefits customers in many ways. It saves time, reduces stress, improves the overall customer experience, and helps them learn more about the organization.  

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Digital signage uses LCD, LED, and Projection technology to show images, streaming media, video, and other information. They can be seen in public places, transportation systems, stadiums, museums, departmental stores, restaurants, hotels, and corporate structures to provide directions, exhibitions, marketing, and outdoor advertising, and so on. 

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Digital signage systems have revolutionized the consumer experience and created limitless marketing options for numerous firms in recent years. For many hospitals, institutions, transit hubs, groceries, and retail businesses, they have become a vital option. They assist companies and organizations in informing, educating, engaging, and communicating with their constituents.

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The Benefits of Using Outdoor LED Displays in Colleges

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This is where the use of outdoor led displays proves great support. This is one of the technologies that have become a popular choice for college campuses as it adds a wow factor to it along with attracting students, educators, and sports fans. 

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With time, LED technology is advancing and business owners, as well as advertisers, are attaining new opportunities to raise their brand awareness with functional, inexpensive, and effective outdoor displays.

However, before you decide to purchase the outdoor LED screens, it is important to know about their tech, pricing, and how you can buy them. 

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