LCD vs OLED Transparent Displays


Understanding LCD Transparent Displays With the rising advent of technology, we see our locale surrounded by transparent display screens. At shopping centers, social settings and many hotels, these displays are growing in trend to help upscale the concept of modern-day advertising. In simple terms, transparent displays are any electronic screen that can present information on […]

Know the Difference Between Interactive Kiosk and Digital Signage

The method of marketing about the services of a company has evolved over the years. The digital signage and interactive kiosk have a distinction to do marketing of the services and to engage with customers. Just before using the interactive kiosk or digital signage, you should know about its distinct features. 

6 Features To Look In Led Video Walls

The LED video walls have the power and ability to mesmerise in an instant. We know the wonders it can do and the drastic change it can bring in the amount of attention a venture is getting. There is no doubt that the people want to add the magical screens and involve them in their […]

4 Reasons Why Wayfinding Displays Are More User Friendly

With the use of innovative technology and an enormous number of users using internet and computers, various tasks are done with the use of innovative tools and techniques. Digital Way-finding display is a high-end technology that helps people to find their ways, and display important information in huge public places. Digital Way-Finder assists people in finding […]

5 Features of Interactive Kiosks Touch Screen

Nowadays when you move in malls, at the offices, in different restaurants etc, you will surely find a touch screen kiosk! This is a technological world where everything is getting digital. The digital kiosk can make work simply easy and thrilling for people. From digital menu kiosk to the touch screen charging kiosk, there are […]

5 Smart Ways to use Outdoor LED Display for Business

Outdoor LED screen and outdoor digital Displays are used to deliver advertising and informational messages to your customers and to people who are passing by the Displays. Unlike LCD monitors, digital display uses LED screen which is highly effective as it has very bright light emitting diodes to display full-color pictures. You can display slides, […]

Benefits of LED Walls Vs Projection Displays

Drawing a comparison between Led Walls and Projectors wouldn’t be a good idea as both are high end technologies in their own respect. Going by the basic definition of a projector, it’s an optical device that shows both still and moving images onto a projection screen. Recent technological developments have brought forth LCD projectors that […]

6 Common Digital Signage Pitfalls

Now The age is digital, anything you need is available digitally, it has made the world a smaller place, and so have the ways of promotion of products. From flyers, to T.V commercials, to online advertising and then digital signage, it can help you gain a lot of attention to your product, and hence increasing […]

5 Steps To Make Your Digital Way finder A Success

In a massive campus, it is a tough job to get individuals where they need to be. A Wayfinder can undoubtedly illuminate this issue and help a guest to find the route straight to their destination. Other than providing easy navigation, a digital way discoverer can also cooperate with a potential customer with your product […]

How Does Digital Interactive Kiosk Makes Directions Easy?

A wayfinding interactive kiosk is simply a gadget that helps people to find their direction. It has numerous applications, more than the vast majority realize in fact. Wayfinding gadgets and innovation can be utilized to help individuals to locate a specific stock in a store or a specific store inside a shopping center.

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