Why do studios need a tall ceiling

? It’s a blunder if the studio ceiling is not considered while selecting a studio space for these reasons 1️⃣ It gives you space to construct a grid rig structure for installing lights which can be flexible for different angle shots 2️⃣ You can have more head space, which is a treat for videographers 3️⃣ […]

11 overlooked facts of studio design

Studio design expands beyond the obvious like Cameras, Microphones, Speakers, Mixers, and Computers. First and foremost, you need not know everything to get started ? ??????? ?? ?????? : Decide what you will do in your studio. Maybe you will record an orchestra, record music, record audio, broadcast, and do virtual VC training. ?????????? ???? […]

Yous studio should be equipped with the right acoustic materials.

There are 3 types of acoustic materials widely used. 1️⃣ ????? ?????????: Normally used in environments like call centers, and recording studios a sponge kind of material is used that will absorb sound and minimize sound pollution 2️⃣ ?????????: Normally used in symmetrical areas to diffuse reverberations and echo so that you do not feel a […]

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