4 Tips to Make your LED Video Walls Stand-Out

Are you thinking of using digital signage in order to achieve greater sales for your products in the market? Then you are on the right way to advertise your business. Putting your advertisement on the video wall solutions is really a good idea for your business to generate leads. In fact the reputed companies are […]

Must Know: Daily Maintenance Tips for LED Video Walls

More and more brands or companies are using LED displays for advertising. The locations for these are varied, but we see more buildings with LED screens or other types of outdoor advertising based on digital media. Thus, knowing the peculiarities of the outdoor maintenance of LED screens is fundamental to extend its life and improve […]

The Future of LED Video Wall Solutions for Business

LED Screens – a new phenomenon in our streets. They really attract attention. But the main purpose of advertising media. Passengers standing at bus stops, motorists and pedestrians, waiting for the green light, shifting their attention to watching the bright dynamic videos, with the duration of the contact is at least 40-60 seconds (the average […]

Tips To Choose Best Video Wall For Promotion

Communication plays a key role in any marketing program. Whether you want to launch a new product or you are interested in promoting any service, it is important for you to know, how to communicate with your target audiences. The advent of new technologies in the field of communication even though has helped people reach […]

Attributes Of Led Video Wall For Events

LED video panels comprise of multiple monitors that are tiled to create continuous or overlapped form so that a single large screen can be created. The screen commonly utilized consists of narrow bezels that assist in reducing mullion. We will add here that mullion is gap which is present between active display sections.