Which Touch Technology Will Be Used In WayFinder?

?Predominantly there are 3 technologies available i.e., Resistive, InfraRed and PCAP. ✅Way finders can be placed in 2 ways 45-degree tilt and 90 Degrees vertical. ✅Don’t try IR in 45 Degree tilt as dust accumulation will hamper the touch sensitivity use a PCAP instead. ✅In Vertical you can prefer IR but PCAP is always advisable. […]

Which Software You Should Go For Way Finder

So, you’ve decided to replace your traditional signage with a digital wayfinder? Great! You’re among the growing number of industries that utilize digital wayfinding to improve guest experiences and increase revenue. Custom wayfinding kiosks can be seen in airports, malls, healthcare centers, stadiums, and other buildings and campuses that serve a high volume of guests […]

20 Reasons – How Wayfinders can Enhance Customer Flow

Wayfinders, also known as digital signage solutions or directional signs, play a crucial role in guiding and assisting people within various spaces. Whether it’s a shopping mall, hospital, airport, or any large facility, effective wayfinding is essential to ensure smooth customer flow and an enhanced experience. In this article, we will explore 20 reasons why […]

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