Which Touch Technology Will Be Used In WayFinder?

👉Predominantly there are 3 technologies available i.e., Resistive, InfraRed and PCAP. ✅Way finders can be placed in 2 ways 45-degree tilt and 90 Degrees vertical. ✅Don’t try IR in 45 Degree tilt as dust accumulation will hamper the touch sensitivity use a PCAP instead. ✅In Vertical you can prefer IR but PCAP is always advisable. […]

Which Software You Should Go For Way Finder

 👉 There is ready made software available which has templates you just need to feed in the Plan and others details and it’s good to go. 👉 This ready-made software is charged as per area to be covered and as per floor. 👉 Advantage of ready-made software is that it can be replicated fast and […]

20 Reasons – How Wayfinders can Enhance Customer Flow

Wayfinders, also known as digital signage solutions or directional signs, play a crucial role in guiding and assisting people within various spaces. Whether it’s a shopping mall, hospital, airport, or any large facility, effective wayfinding is essential to ensure smooth customer flow and an enhanced experience. In this article, we will explore 20 reasons why […]