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What is an Interactive Kiosk?

An interactive kiosk is a small, stand-alone booth typically placed in high-traffic areas for business purposes. It typically provides information and applications on education, commerce, entertainment, and a variety of other topics. Interactive Kiosks are popular due to the number of advantages they provide.

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Interactive Touch Screen Kiosk Manufacturers

An interactive kiosk informs and educates the visitors effectively. They have a high-quality resolution to attract customers and increase footfalls. Visitors at different venues have various queries and it’s not possible to cater to each one of them by a limited staff strength. Our touch screen kiosks provide all the necessary information, guide and educate the customers, engage them with the company’s offerings and fasten the process of customer service. We at Bitsy displays provide Public Information Kiosk, Retail Kiosk, digital restaurant menu, Security Kiosk, Ticketing Kiosk, Transactional Kiosk, led video panels, digital wayfinder and Guiding Kiosk to cater to different business needs.

touch screen kiosk manufacturers in india
features of touch screen kiosk
benefits of touch screen kiosk

Features & Benefits of Interactive Touch Screen Kiosk

We have a wide range of Interactive kiosks and being one of the first companies to enter into this domain, we understand the challenges brands face to inform their customers. 


  • High-definition display to increase engagement
  • Easy to transport and completely customizable
  • Highly secure with a robust interactive technology
  • Sleek design and durable
  • Choose your color


  • Automated interactive touch screen kiosk accelerates the customer service process and reduce the waiting time. This improves customer satisfaction and brand image.
  • High-resolution images and videos create better engagement and catch customers’ attention. Therefore, brands witness increased footfalls and sales.
  • As our interactive kiosks are digital and need minimum supervision, you don’t have to hire many representatives for customer service, helping your business reduce cost and increase brand value, ultimately achieving a higher ROI.

Interactive Kiosk: Applications & Uses

Different types of interactive kiosks can be used for various activities and venues.

Retail Kiosks: We provide sophisticated touch screen kiosks at malls and retail stores for customers to find particular sections and check events. Kiosks in stores can display products, new arrivals, discounts and even customer service.

Restaurant Kiosks: One of our most popular products, customers can check out the menu and order from the kiosks to avoid waiting in line. They can also add reviews.

Security Kiosks: Interactive security kiosks can be installed in schools and colleges, multiplexes and business centres to check the visitors and direct them to their desired place.

Information Kiosks: This type of digital interactive kiosk is used to educate and guide visitors. It has wide applications at public places such as airports, railway stations and stadiums. Information kiosks are also used in corporate offices and exhibition centres.

Self-service kiosks: Customers have become tech-savvy. They can do transactions like payment, book or cancel services and raise complaints at self-service kiosks.

Applications of touch screen kiosk
uses of touch screen kiosk


The significance of interactive kiosks lies in their ability to serve as user-friendly and dynamic interfaces that streamline processes and elevate customer …

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A touch screen kiosk is a small physical structure (often including a computer and a display screen) that displays information for people walking by.

A) Touch Screen Kiosk: These has the touch screen interface which looks similar to the computer screen. Mostly the touch screen kiosks are used by the retail sectors or the places that have lot of traffic. Shopping malls, stations, music stores are examples where this kiosk is used. Special programming is used in it which helps to easily navigate through many pages. They are available in different languages so that people from even different background don’t have any problem while accessing it.
B) Retail Kiosk: They are special types of kiosk that help the company to showcase all the products and services on one screen. Retail kiosk has gained lot of popularity in last few years.
C) Security Kiosk: These help the school, universities, and companies etc to keep the check on the visitors. It helps to keep track on the visitors for the security purposes.
D) Photo Kiosk: With the help of these, users can print the phots from the digital images of their camera. They can instantly take out the photos and pay them. There are two types of photo kiosks. 1) Instant print stations and 2) Digital print stations.
E) Way-finding Kiosks: kiosks providing a service to help people establish where they are exactly within a location, and what is nearby and how to get there. For example: Airport way finding Kiosk where passengers can find duty free shops, flight gates, business lounges, toilets, distance to them and the time it takes to get there.
F) Self-service Kiosks: This Kiosk is mainly used for providing a service such as taking payment from customer, print certified documents, issue licenses/ID cards or perform a booking or reservation.
G) Information Kiosks: It is used to give information to the user of the system. An Information must be clear and concise, detailed wherever required.
H) Internet Kiosks: This type of kiosks are mainly found in public waiting areas such as airports, train stations, libraries and museums.

1) Free Up Employees: Employees that would ordinarily be answering questions are free to perform other, less mundane, and more fulfilling tasks during their working day as a result employees have a higher job satisfaction, and reduced staff turnover.
2) Reduce Costs: Another of the benefits of using interactive kiosks is related to cost cutting.It may not be necessary to employ such a large customer services team, and because your employees will be able to concentrate on mission critical tasks, it means that you can save money.
A reduction in salaries means a reduction in overall costs, and when you consider that a kiosk doesn’t need hourly breaks, won’t have to stop for lunch, and can work for 24 hours a day if needs be, without calling on a union representative, it means that you can enjoy greatly reduced costs.
Reducing overheads is an ongoing struggle for a lot of organisations, and it is one of the key factors in ensuring that you run an optimal business venture.
3) Offer Instant Customer Service: Customer service is vital to the performance of a successful business. Whether it is directing customers to the right area of a retail store, or offering help and advice on using your company’s services, a kiosk offers instant access to that information, and it can help to reduce waiting times at customer service desks.A happy customer is not only more likely to make a purchase, but will be more inclined to share their positive experience with others.
4) Interactive Means Active Interaction: Interactive kiosks can offer experiential marketing to potential customers, and because they are interactive, it means that your customers have already invested time and effort into your products or services.The more time they invest, the more they will feel invested, and the more likely they will be to want to make a purchase.
By providing helpful information, you are also building trust, and trust really does go a long way in forging a positive B2C relationship.
The kiosks can even offer upselling and cross-selling, when used in a retail setting, which is something that is generally considered obtrusive when a human employee tries it.
They can increase your revenue, as well as reduce your overhead costs – further examples of the benefits of using interactive kiosks.

The models comes with the weight of Approx 64kgs but we can provide with wheels which makes the transportation easy from one place to another.
All of our kiosks secure your tablet in a non-breakable thermoplastic head with a keyed lock. There’s also a lock for the back panel to keep visitors from being able to disassemble the kiosk or access any inner components you may be using.
Absolutely. Our kiosks have hidden holes in the base plate for bolting to a floor, countertop or wall. As the type of bolt used will vary depending on the surface you are mounting the kiosk on, these bolts are not included.
Yes, we stock all our standard kiosk enclosures in our warehouse. Stocking our mostly frequently ordered models allows us to cut down our lead time and get kiosks to our customers faster.
Our simple and sleek kiosk designs are built to last with precision cut, 14 and 16-gauge steel and then powder coated to withstand even the harshest public environment. Sometimes steel is not the best material for certain custom kiosks, therefore we use various gauges of architectural aluminum for its durability in indoor and outdoor environments. We also Galvanised steel for making kiosks.
Yes colour options are available. we also have access to over 100 different varieties of high-gloss, semi-gloss and texture finishes. Of course, if you’re in need of a specific, custom color, we can provide that too.

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