Know How Is Importance of Interactive Kiosks Growing With Video Conferencing

Today people from any part of the world can access an interactive kiosk for completing many tasks including making transactions, paying bills and printing photos. Self-service kiosks are also becoming popular for assessing consumer preferences and behavioural changes. 

Despite all this, it is important to remember that communication and interaction still play a vital role in people’s lives. Since human connection is central in the technological age, there is a need for investment in interactive kiosks with video conferencing. Brands and companies can save a huge amount of money by hiring an employee to serve many customers in multiple locations. 

Why Use Interactive Kiosks With Videoconferencing? 

Real Time Communication 

Kiosks allow customized and immediate communication to take place between an expert, a salesperson and a customer. Your customers do not need to stand in line to communicate with a customer representative as with touch screen kiosks, they can do it remotely and get the information at the right time. 

Reduction In Point-of-sale Cost 

If you use kiosks, you don’t need to hire on-site employees which can help you reduce costs and improve efficiency at the same time. Moreover, a salesperson can assist customers in multiple locations thereby allowing you to serve more clients 

Human Touch  

Interactive kiosks can offer a wide range of applications. For eg, customers can print all the information they need themselves and also contact customer care to solve any issues that they might be facing. 

Saves Time 

An interactive kiosk can help you serve more customers quickly and efficiently.  When clients know they can spend as much as they would like on kiosks, they will be able to handle time-consuming processes. Additionally, consumers can use in-store kiosks, customers will be able to enjoy a better shopping experience. 

Application Of Interactive Kiosks With Video Conferencing 


The banking sector has highly benefitted from the use of interactive kiosks, Banks all over the globe are replacing ATMs with video teller machines.  For eg, a bank in Brazil has adopted a zero-staff approach wherein all the work is taken care of by an interactive kiosk through visual cues which guide customers regarding balance, transactions and loan agreements. 


While self-service kiosks are already in use, video kiosks are a relatively new phenomenon.  Through video conferencing, passengers can communicate with remote call agents who will provide them with information about new flights or help them find their way around the airport which can span thousands of square miles. 

Car Rentals  

Interactive kiosks have tremendous economic potential as they have helped many companies transform their business models and reduce operational costs.  Hertz which is the largest car rental service in the world decided to use kiosks as it was a good response to fluctuations in customer demand.  The company installed kiosks in airports, tourist spots, body shops and parking lots with an aim to help customers easily contact an operator or rent a vehicle. 

Our touch screen kiosks provide all the required information to guide and educate your customers about what your company offers and quickens the process of customer service.  The different types of kiosks we supply include public information kiosks, retail kiosks, digital menus for restaurants, security kiosks, ticketing kiosks, transactional ki, LED video panels, digital Wayfinder and guiding kiosks to meet different business needs. They are high definition, easy to transport, customizable, have a sleek design and come in different colours. 

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