Must Know: Daily Maintenance Tips for Outdoor LED Displays

If you have a shop or commercial concern, and want people to know of its presence, then you probably will have outdoor LED displays installed. LED displays are installed and used for many purposes. They not only show the shop name, brand name etc, they show signs and slogans too, and are too much widely used form of advertising. Hence if you are the owner of one or more LED displays, you will have to keep in mind the basic maintenance tips for keeping the machines at good health.

How to maintain your LED displays

To maintain your outdoor digital displays, you will have to follow these guidelines:

  • While you install the outdoor LED displays you will have to see that you select a suitable location for the installation. The zone should be safe from accidents, collisions, accidental hits by passerby, stones, hails, and definitely away from any form of moisture. That is why it’s important to build a shade that protects the outdoor display from moisture.
  • If the outdoor display is subjected to moisture exposure, then you must wipe it clean completely before powering it on. Else the LED display may get badly damaged. 
  • Weather takes its toll on the LED displays when they are exposed to sunlight dust and wind for long. Hence, you must get them cleaned from the dirt and dust. Too much of wind blowing over it or brushing against it may be bad, and the location of installation has to be watched here. Moreover sunlight has a deep effect on the durability, and hence maintenance is the best way you keep it in good form while it’s exposed to long hours of sunlight.
  • The power supply to the display has to be checked to ensure that it’s illuminated under ideal conditions. If there is a bad weather, thunderstorm and lightning, then the LED displays should be shut down to avoid damage.
  • Conductive metals, iron and such materials, and water should not come in contact with the LED display, and thus the display is kept inside cabinets, which is also protected from these elements. 
  • Dust is one of the prime damaging factors for LED displays. If you are using your outdoor digital displays in some dusty environment, then you will have to be more cautious in its maintenance from dust.
  • It’s good to power off the display for at least 2 hours, the minimum 2 hours of rest for the electronic device ensures that it lasts longer.
  • Sometimes you may not have to power on the displays for days. Only when you need it, you power it on. But then again in the rainy reason, you must remember to power on a less frequently.
  • When you are using it make sure that the contents of display are not fully white, blue or red colored so that power overload can be avoided.

This is how you take care of the outdoor LED displays!

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