Everything You Need to Know About Outdoor LED Screens — Tech, Pricing and How to Get One

If you want to grab the attention of the audience towards your brand or company then there is no better way than the outdoor led displaysWith crystal-clear images, lively colors, as well as rich display, today’s outdoor LED screen, is much better when compared to old printed materials. 

With time, LED technology is advancing and business owners, as well as advertisers, are attaining new opportunities to raise their brand awareness with functional, inexpensive, and effective outdoor displays.

However, before you decide to purchase the outdoor LED screens, it is important to know about their tech, pricing, and how you can buy them. 

What is An Outdoor LED Screen?

Outdoor LED screen is mainly a large outdoor video wall that makes use of LED technology. When compared to a single panel display like LED TV or monitor, outdoor LED screens are constructed by linking numerous panels together. You can find the outdoor LED screen in large sizes and custom shapes. 

These panels make use of high brightness for outdoor visibility and durable hardware to ensure great resistance against natural calamities. The large sizes of outdoor digital displays are easily visible from a distance to many people that too at the same time. 

The application of outdoor LED screens mainly includes monument signs, digital billboards, stadium jumbotrons, outdoor LED signage, and many more. 

Tech Consideration 

There are a few technical things that need to be considered like:


LED is considered an ideal choice for outdoor solutions because of the brightest display technology. To ensure the best visibility under direct sunlight, you need an outdoor LED screen with a brightness rating of 5,000 nits. 

Pixel density 

Pixel density is an essential factor to consider when buying outdoor LED screens. According to the viewing distances, pixel pitch differs. For a close viewing distance, an outdoor LED screen with lower pitches is the best. While LED screens with higher pitch serve a better purpose for far-away viewing like billboards. 


Nowadays, in the market, you can find a wide range of outdoor LED screens in different sizes mainly between 1 and 4 square meters. The bigger the size of the screen, the more panels are needed to form the display. Before buying outdoor LED screens, make sure to consider the viewing distance as well as the budget. 

What is the pricing of outdoor LED screens?

Depending upon the size, construction and technical specifications, the pricing of outdoor LED screens varies. Pixel pitch and size are also considered the two determining factors that regulate the cost of outdoor LED screens. 

How to buy outdoor LED screens?

If you want to buy outdoor LED screens and get them delivered to your doorstep then Bitsy Display is the right place. At this digital signage solution, you can find these LED screens in different sizes and technical specifications. 

So, what are you waiting for? Order an outdoor led screen today and avail its benefits. 

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