Top 5 Advantages of Digital WayFinding


This is the era of new age information. People want freedom and accessibility to the information. They desire to know everything with a single click of the mouse or a touch of the screen. A digital way finder provides an in-depth map to the visitors of any type of institution allowing the visitors to navigate themselves and reach their desired destination within the institution. Here are the top five benefits that wayfinding displays provide to the institution:

  1.  It’s the Nest Innovation

Way finders are the next new way of distributing information. Using plaques and paper for directions has become old and outdated method of providing a sense of direction to the visitors. A way finder is a new take on how one can search where a shop he wants to shop in is, which floor it is at, what kind of product it sells. Which other shops are selling the same product category, within a shopping mall, where a library is located in a college, which is the easiest way to reach it. Where the fire- exits are, washrooms all can be found out in a time of need with one single touch.

  1. It’s Ecological

By using a digital wayfinder one does away with the use of paper, printing and wastes, this not only makes them more environment friendly but is also cost time and labor effective. As no one from the staff has to go around the area to pull down and put up direction signs and notices.  Because interactive wayfinding is essentially self-service, it frees up staff from giving directions all day long and gives them an opportunity to be more productive and focus on giving more personalized attention to visitors. This helps increase both visitor and employee satisfaction.

This makes digital Wayfinders cheaper in the long run in comparison to printing out information.

  1. It Reduces Stress

Finding the way when lost can be a very stressful situation but by installing digital wayfinders in these situations a person will have a digital guide within their reach which they can consult if such stressful situations. It will help them feel more in control Trying to find where you need to go, thereby creating a positive visitor experience and makes them think positively about the institutions and because digital wayfinding is more efficient, there’s less congestion in corridors and lobbies – people go to the screens or kiosks, get their information, and then head off.

  1. It’s Integrated

The biggest advantage of installing a digital wayfinder is that it gives you the liberty to present things in a way that best suits the specific information and your needs, and it is exceedingly easier and quicker to update the information on display.  Feeding information into the way finder and making changes to it can be done either by the database that feeds your digital wayfinder so the changes that you make there would automatically appear on the displays, or you can use a simple web-based user interface that allows you to make changes quickly from any web-connected device.

  1.  It’s Inclusive

When wayfinder is designed keeping everything in mind, good interaction, design and navigation options then everyone can have the same and access to information in equal measure within the institutions. It will be fun, modern experience, and easily accessible regardless of any disability a person may have. Digital wayfinding can present an amazing amount of information on a single screen using an easy and intuitive interface. By adding hot spots and buttons to switch to different display modes, the screen can double as extra real estate for your general digital signage messaging, social media posts, energy dashboards and more. General information, such as current date and time, weather, traffic and news, can also be part of your layout. You can even include other facility information, such as history and overall mission statement, or even menu items currently on offer in an on-site café.

Digital Wayfinders can help your visitors to feel more in control in their sense of direction and purpose and paint you in a favorable, positive and innovative light.


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