Video Processor

What is Video Processor ?

In the world of digital signage, a video wall processor is a lot like a traffic cop: It makes sure every piece of content arrives exactly where it should be, at the right time on the right screen, in the correct resolution. Also called a video controller, a processor is a device that makes a single image appear and move seamlessly across multiple screens of a video wall. Without it, a video wall would simply be a bank of digital screens, each showing something different. Processors form a large, cohesive image, and then send pieces of it to individual screens for display. Although smaller, more simplistic video walls may only require a multi-monitor video card, as video walls continue to grow in size and capability, most are requiring processors.

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Smooth integration of diverse video signals into captivating displays has emerged as a defining characteristic of advanced multimedia presentations. LED video Walls …

✅ The main functions of LED video processors are:   ? When you want multiple input signals to be displayed on the …

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