What to Consider When Choosing Digital Signage Systems for your Business

If you are planning to purchase digital signage systems then it is necessary to consider many different aspects to make the right choice. In the following sections we will be focusing on some such aspects you need to take into consideration at the time purchasing such a system.

Aspects to Consider while Buying Digital Sign Boards

Tools for Content Creation

The signage system should have required tools to facilitate content creation which can help in improving efficiency as well as lower expenditures. These tools will also allow effects and filters to be used and also stop the need for use of any post production facility.

Excellent Playback

Quality of playback will have a direct impact over attention it is able to grab from customers. In case picture quality if very poor then it will result in degradation of effectiveness it has. The system should also be capable to multi screen display without any type of distortion.

Better Interactivity

Interactivity in terms of options such as touch screen as well as gesture tracking can help improve performance and assist in direct engagement of customers with the digital signage systems.

Open Platform

The availability of an open platform for digital signage in India will mean that it would be easy to integrate it with other external systems such as dynamic feeds as well as interactive sources.

Greater Scalability

Digital sign boards also need to be scalable so that networked deployment becomes possible. Such deployment will facilitate transfer of content over the network to different displays and also help in enhance the overall functionality. As for example, it should be possible to control the bandwidth using proper size limits and correct scheduling.

System Management

It should be easy task to manage all the databases and other digital assets so that large scale deployment becomes feasible. The digital signage available in India should also have different pre-designed templates which will make it easy to include real time images as well as text in any advertising campaign.


Better monitoring facility will mean that smooth operations can be maintained and there is absolutely minimal downtime. It should also be possible to use a central control system for proper monitoring of such a system.

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