Where to Place Digital Signage Systems: A Quick Guide by Bitsy Displays

Digital signage is everywhere. Even if you don’t use signage solutions, you can’t drive, enter a restaurant, or even fly to an airport without seeing it. All kinds of technology are being used for varied digital signage objectives, and the word “digital signage” is a catch-all.

Digital signage uses LCD, LED, and Projection technology to show images, streaming media, video, and other information. They can be seen in public places, transportation systems, stadiums, museums, departmental stores, restaurants, hotels, and corporate structures to provide directions, exhibitions, marketing, outdoor advertising, and so on. 

It’s no surprise that digital signage systems have become the most preferred method of promoting a brand and attracting new customers.

So, if you want to keep your customers and grow your business, you should place digital signage solutions at appropriate places so that it grabs the attention of your target audience. 

At the Entrance

People look for digital signs at the entrance to be able to move from point A to point B. It is the best place to ensure people check the signage and choose their directions accordingly. However, do not place it in such a way that it creates bottlenecks. People must be able to move in easily and follow the signs to find their way.

Elevator Banks

It’s time to buy some digital signage systems and get your toes wet if you know what you’re doing and what it will take to make your network a success. Use them on elevators and staircases to give people accurate directions and make their movement hassle-free. 

Take a step back and think about it instead of making the mistake that many people do: purchasing digital displays, putting them up, and then spending months trying to figure out what to do with them.


A digital display outside your business, at the exit, can attract more people than ever before, giving you an edge in the competition. By using digital signage solutions, you can make your ad incredibly eye-catching and full of life, with graphics, movies, and many other things that you want your customers to know. Put thank you signage or other digital display boards at exits.


Digital signage is also found at transitions, i.e. places that lead your customers from one place to another within the same building. It’s a perfect place to display a more specific message for your audience through a digital display board. They are highly likely to check the boards to learn more about your offers and business.

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