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Are you looking for high-quality video wall solutions for your brand? We provide LED video walls in different variants such as RGB laser rear-projection and LED rear-projection, etc. You will find them in several resolutions and sizes, along with dedicated and professional software services to achieve the perfect clarity. With our unbeatable LED video wall solutions in India, you only experience ultra-high-dimensional contrast, colour, and brightness compared to display walls or projections. 

 At Bitsy Displays, we offer seamless picture quality to all shapes, sizes, and curves. Moreover, our LED video panels function even in high ambient light environments from multiple angles. Thus, there is no chance of shadows on your image or temporary blindness due to the projector beams. Speaking of the physics behind it, the light and colour source comes from one diode in LEDs, which produces the true black. 

LED video walls, alternatively known as display walls, refers to an enormous visualization surface that comprises multiple displays. In the olden days, a LED video wall featured multiple monitors closely placed together to make a vast display surface. However, the bezels disturbed the seamless performance, giving birth to direct LED tiles, rear-projection cubes, and tiled LCD panels. They are commonly used in meeting rooms, digital signage, and control rooms. 

Features of LCD Walls Panel
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Features of LCD Walls Panel

Services We Offer​

  • Digital Singage
  • Kiosk Manufactures
  • Command Centers
  • Audio – Video Solutions
  • Studio
  • LCD/LED Video Wall
  • Wayfinder
  • Transparent Displays
  • Video Processor
  • AR VR Solutions
  • Display Solutions 
  • Menu Displays
  • Outdoor Displays
  • Projections 
  • It Infrastructure

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Advantages of LCD Wall Panels

12 Factors to be considered before buying a pixel pitch led video wall

  • Resolution Requirements
  • Optimizing Space
  • Ensuring Durability
  • Warranty and Support
  • Multitasking Made Easy
  • Prioritizing Remote Control
  • Smooth Operations
  • Balancing Cost and Quality
  • Installation Requirements
  • Efficient Content Control
  • Maintenance and Longevity
  • Recommendations and Testimonials

Cheap is Costly In Active LED Video Walls!

  • Power Consumption
  • Heat Emission
  • Branded v/s Local
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