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About Bitsy Displays

Video Display panels are without a doubt, one of the most sensational communication tools of the 21st century. At Bitsy Displays, we develop a variety of display technologies to transform your brand identity. Our tagline “Innovations with video panels” embodies our mission to provide you with world-class display solutions, enhanced with high-end technology. Established in 1994, Bitsy Displays is run by the directorial team led by Satish A Villait (BE in Computer Science, MSCE and CCNA) with 25 years of experience. Ardently supported by wife, Ayesha S Villait, he has been providing top-notch services to the city’s leading digital businesses.


To Enhance Lives




Service to the customer above all else

We revolve our world around the customer and see to it that they are treated like kings.

Genuine products & authentic business

We don’t sell import or refurbished material and follow fair business practices.

Continuous enhancement

We enhance ourselves in every sphere ongoingly

Give people more in use value than you take from them in cash value

We believe in giving more value than the money we receive from people

Empowerment and shared opportunity for employees

Empowering & supporting employees to take initiative to explore new opportunities and perform their best.



Mr. Satish Villait

Chief Belief officer

Dynamic, enterprising, the driving force of Bitsy Infotech & a multi-phased personality. He is also one of the most recognized entrepreneurial trainer.

Mr. Ranjeet Rai


Committed as well as dedicated & the person responsible for financial health of Bitsy

Mrs. Sneha Bhandari

Service Guru

Committed, dedicated & the person responsible for in-house repairs, AMC & service related matters. Leading and grooming the support team is also a part of her responsibility.

Mr. Paresh Mehta

Retail Manager

Manages the retail stores on the whole, and all the matters related to it, be it the staff or the customers. The smiling face behind retail division’s success

Mrs. Ayesha Villait

Big Boss

Synchronizing as well as channelizing efficiency of the company & its process.

Mr. Ishaq Hathyari

Money Maestro

The person who believes in figures & figures day in day out 24/7 365 days !!! Manages a team of five members. He handles accountants as well as the finances of Bitsy.

Mr. Pranay Jadhav

Certified AV Technologist

operates and maintains audio and video solution.

Ms. Meera Pathak

Chief of Employee Experience

Managing day to day affairs of the company, conducting training, recruiting new employees & managing the development of Bitsy. Responsible, smiling and a bubbly face of Bitsy Infotech.

Mr. Dhaval Shah

AV Therapist

He is a digital signage solution provider, a Hardworking, Go-getter with exceptional critical thinking skills and has the ability to work through unforeseen challenges.

Mrs. Vrushti kshirsagar

Chief of employee experience

Managing day to day affairs of the company, conducting training, recruiting new employees & managing the development of Bitsy. Responsible, smiling and a bubbly face of Bitsy Infotech.

Mr. Milind Shinde

Business Evangelist

Responsible for supporting the company sales and marketing initiatives through product information management, reporting and administrative duties.

Ms. Tejal Soni

Sr. Manager - Corporate Sales & Marketing.

Dedicated & committed in developing relationships & giving a wonderful customer service experience. Maintain budgets, develop marketing campaigns and ensure marketing initiatives deliver ROI. Proactively handling customer escalations thereby preserving the goodwill of the organization.

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