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What is Wayfinder ?

Sleek multi-touch table kiosk is designed for interactive museum or retail applications. Kiosk Wayfinder is a digital and interactive mapping system that gives users information and intuitive paths to reach their destinations. It is ideal for Shopping malls, directional centers, hospitals, office and meeting centers, universities, airports, public authority buildings, museum and art galleries and multiple location companies. Kiosk Wayfinder shows visitors an animated path to reach their destination

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Digital Wayfinder

Getting people where they need to be is no easy task, especially in a vast campus. A wayfinder can easily solve this issue & can help a visitor to find the way straight to their destination. Apart from providing easy navigation, a digital wayfinder or wayfinding display can also interact with a prospective customer with your product offerings. If you’re looking for a well known digital wayfinders supplier in Mumbai or anywhere in India then, look no further. We have been serving varied clients with our interactive wayfinding displays to satiate their business needs. With maps, directions and clear messages, a digital wayfinder can be the answer to your customer’s need at any time of the day or night. 


Make your guests and visitors feel welcome with our attractive way finding displays. Our digital screens ensure up-to-date display of information on amenities, attractions, events, weather and traffic. The easy-to-use templates enable you to customize content according to your specifications. For example, our touch-screen wayfinding displays help visitors to customize maps and brochures. With added energy saving technology and safety features, our display systems offer you the best wayfinding solutions. 

Important Benefits of Installing Interactive Wayfinding Kiosk are:

  • It will improve customer buying experience 
  • Kiosk help reduce cost of employee and give better one-to-one service 
  • It helps to analyze customer behaviors 
  • Such digital interactive kiosks will increase sales and give faster ROI 

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Wayfinding displays have multiple benefits, such as providing complete, accurate, and up-to-date information about a place. In addition, it minimizes stress, is environmentally friendly, interactive, and inclusive for users with special needs.

Digital wayfinding signage is commonly used in educational institutions, libraries, hospitals, hotels, shopping malls, airports, and office buildings. Interactive wayfinding is especially useful in retail and entertainment spots, which are always busy and crowded.

Interactive wayfinding is integrated with digital displays, mobile applications, wireless and RFID technology.

In indoor digital wayfinding, we have banners, temporary signs, murals, floor decals, and elevator wraps. In outdoor digital wayfinding, we have mounted signs, floor decals, window graphics, A-frame signs, and flags. Other digital wayfinding includes touchscreen kiosks, screens, and digital directories.

Unlike traditional wayfinding, interactive wayfinding signage enables visitors to find accessible and latest information using advanced technology. We use directions and maps to navigate through the institution to reach the destination.

Indoor digital wayfinders enhance the visitor experience by finding unfamiliar floors and rooms in a building, boost privacy settings for those who need them, and enable people to reach the destined location within the premises.

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