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Why Choose Bitsy Displays?

We offer the right outdoor led display solutions when advertising businesses, companies, individuals, firms, and products to potential buyers Typically installed on the building’s exterior, walls, and poles, outdoor led video wall is designed to work even during harsh weather, noise, and dust. They are beneficial in high-traffic areas, attracting customers and maintaining a high-quality installation for outdoor rental usage and outdoor fixed installation. 

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Outdoor Led Displays Supplier in India

We live in a dynamic digital world, where brands must constantly evolve to attract and retain their customers’ attention. Static advertising is beyond conventional. It is boring for potential clients to absorb large chunks of information. Due to the data overload around us, people have become desensitized to brands that are not visible enough to customers. As a result, they simply read and forget without paying attention.

Research has also found that broadcast advertisements on outdoor led display screen are much more efficient than conventional printed media advertising (static boards and newspapers). In addition, LED display screens are reliable, cost-efficient, and offer a higher return on investment (ROI). Outdoor LED display screens are giant billboards that display video, images, and other content for advertising. Placed in open-air areas, they are managed with a modular assembling system. They are available in several pixel pitches such as P16, P10, P8, P6.67, P6, P5, P4, and P3.

Outdoor Led Displays Supplier
outdoor led video wall

Outdoor led video wall is used for outdoor rental events, outdoor advertising, and marketing etc. Commonly installed in five ways, you must ensure the viewing distance, size, and maintenance before choosing the advertising display. If you are renting an outdoor led screen, you want cases that are simple to install and disassemble, mobile and lightweight. To work with outdoor fixed advertising, you want outdoor led display screen with high brightness, installation, waterproof and anti-ultraviolet structures.

With Bitsy Displays, you can better attract and engage with new customers, especially in a crowded and noisy environment. LED billboards are a considerable alternative to the conventional technique of imprinting your brand name in the customers’ minds. As part of advertising, businesses and other institutions, replace empty facades with an outdoor LED display screen that highlights your objective, target audience, and products or services.

Outdoor Led Screen:
Features and Uses

When it comes to outdoor advertising displays, you are constantly worried about adverse weather conditions (heat, rain, wind, and snow) and retaining the attention of potential customers. We offer different characteristics in their outdoor led screen, which are listed as below:

  • Energy-efficient Outdoor LED displays make profits during broadcasting advertising; however, it would be less profitable if the operational costs and power consumption were too high. Due to our power-efficient technology, we make for an economic investment with substantial operational savings.
  • High-brightness Outdoor LED screens must be obvious even during the day but must be dim enough to prevent road accidents due to the light.
Outdoor Led Screen – features and screen
  • Weather-resistant Our LED screens are not just rainproof but protect against bad weather as well. As our products are sealed properly, water does not reach the inner circuit. On the other hand, heat dissipates from the product quickly that maintains its performance. In addition, we use highly efficient resin treatment for our electronics, which guarantees high dissipation in summer. Also, they are operational for twenty-fours a day.
outdoor led displays- Advantages

Advantages Of Outdoor Led Displays

Unlike most electronic items, outdoor LED displays are water and heat-resistant. Due to these qualities, they are ideal for outdoor stadiums, events, and brandings such as informational signage and billboards. As they must prominently display the brand, they should be large-scale and lightweight with a bright output. You choose to have your display curved or straight, rectangular or square, small or large, or even customized options for a sleek and professional look.

Before the advent of outdoor LED displays, tiled monitors were commonly used. Due to LED’s size flexibility, you have a single and seamless screen that perfectly displays the video or message. We only use fine-pixel pitch displays for a striking visual output to the audience. Today’s audiences love stellar picture quality. We give them that with high-resolution display options. In addition, we offer a high return on investment due to a longer lifespan, certified LED repair, and versatility. Our products are used in athletic, religious, academic, corporates, and broadcasting facilities as well.

How to Manage Outdoor Led Screens?

Though outdoor LED screen displays are visible, they must create and maintain engagement among the audience. In addition, brands must keep fresh content, such as television shows, videos, current time, news, and weather on the screen. Thanks to advanced software, brands divide their screen into multiple zones, all of which maintain relevant and separate content.

Outdoor Led Screen – features and screen

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Outdoor advertising LED displays are chosen considering pixel pitch (average to the maximum for eye-catching visuals), high LED quality for prominent graphics, cabinet types (heavy and light for screen installation on metal ropes and poles), price, size, and brightness.

Though companies cannot predict a one-size-fits-all price for your outdoor LED screens, it depends on the outdoor display size, quality, and pixel pitch.

Outdoor LED displays are maintained using back maintenance and front access maintenance for pole, roof, and wall-mounted, respectively.

Display screens are controlled using connecting computers, asynchronous and synchronous controlling, 4G or Wi-Fi connected devices, and cloud connectivity and controlling.

LED displays are installed using outdoor wall-mounting, roof installation, pole installation, mobile rental installation, and hanging installation.

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