Transparent Display

What is Transparent Solutions ?

The technology behind transparent displays allows you to see through the LCD screen. Normally, an LCD panel cannot be seen through the rear luminant tube, but with a transparent display, you can see through it as though something is playing on the glass screen . There needs to be the correct amount and type of lighting in order to see what is displayed behind glass, whether it be an artefact or another subject that can be seen well. This is a standout product with excellent product visibility, and as the diagram illustrates, this is the basic idea behind how it operates.

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Transparent Solutions

Even the front of a vending machine can become an engaging & interactive marketing landscape that can drive attention and boost sales. Retailers can now literally draw a crowd towards the vending machine by unlocking the stored products with the use of the transparent displays. These transparent displays are perfect for in-shop advertising displays or anywhere else where the main goal is to capture the attention of the consumer. 

We supply these transparent displays in Mumbai or anywhere in India that are equipped with modern & cutting edge technology. Our display solutions are highly reliable & are designed to maintain the highest standards of quality.  

Today, the retail industry is in a race to create better shopping experiences, using advanced technologies. Transparent displays is one such invention, where the messaging is displayed across a see-through panel, to give you the best of both worlds. Such displays are ideal for vending machines and cold-storages where the message has to be displayed without hampering the visibility of the product inside making it a real crowd puller. 

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