What are the Pros and Cons of using Interactive Kiosk for Advertising?

Advertising is an integral part of branding and sales of a product. Without the use of advertising it is impossible to imagine getting a foothold in the market. Advertising is the element that adds value to the product and it is because of this strategy of marketing that a business is able to thrive as well as expand. A number of methods are used in the process of advertising a product and in the fast and competitive world of the smart consumer; one would need to be on the toes to discover newer ways of doing it everyday. One of the most popular methods of advertising in the current times has been the use of an interactive kiosk. This kiosk is a standalone unit that are meant for use by passers-by and is a fairly new concept in the Indian market. People are just about getting acquainted to the idea and this leads to evaluating the pros and cons of the advertising method for the sake of those who try it out.

Some important pros of the kiosks include factors such as the pull of curiosity that people experience very often when they see something new. People often get attracted and try out their hand at the kiosk because it seems like something that is not seen before. The kiosk would hold a special advantage if the target group is supposed to be tech savvy and prefer using new and innovative gadgets. The interactive quality of the interactive kiosk makes the sales strategy even more effective as the potential buyer feels more informed about the product. There are cons attached with the method as well, which include points such as when a product of mass use is advertised on the kiosk, a large number of prospective buyers may avoid using the machine, citing lack of knowledge to operate it. People may also tend to overlook the kiosk altogether in the hurry to carry on with routines, because the use of the kiosk may take some time, instead of simply registering on to the mind of the onlooker, like a non-dynamic advertising strategy does.

The use of something new comes with its own advantages and disadvantages, however, every idea must be given a fair share of time and exposure to become a proven success.

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