6 Useful Tips for Maintaining Your Outdoor LED Display Screens

Outdoor digital display in today’s era is one of the most rapidly growing methods of advertising and driving the customer’s attention towards your business. The number of businesses adopting this method of publicity is increasing by the day and the main idea behind it is flexibility and versatility in its usage and vivid catchy appearance.

But since the investment is huge, you need to take care of your LED wall and maintain it in a way that goes well for you in the long run.

If you want to fetch the maximum out of your outdoor LED display and want it to live longer then you must have a look at these super helpful 6 maintenance tips listed below: –

Time to Time cleaning

It is essential to clean these super tough but super sensitive outdoor LED screens from time to time as the screen stays exposed for a long time in an open area with a gust of wind bringing dust along and not so harmful yet damaging sunlight. And these minute dust particles can often lead to overheating and slow functioning of your outdoor digital display.

Whilst there is no need to dismantle the system for a thorough cleaning more than once a year, the surface area should be wiped clean from time to time to make sure that no port is dust clogged.

Protection from the changing weather

Well rainwater can prove to be one of the worst nightmares for someone who has invested in a digital outdoor display since just a drop of rainwater if seeped down the enclosure can damage or in the worst situation can destroy your system permanently.
And if you want to save your outdoor LED screen from being damaged, you must have a closed air loop circulation system installed in your LED, protecting it from moisture and contaminant infiltration.

The IP (ingress protection) rating ascertains water resistance and protection against solid object contact. You must always look for displays that have a high IP rating to protect against moisture and solid objects.

Maintain it internally and externally

By internal and external here we mean keeping a regular check on your software as well as your hardware. Keeping it updated is an utmost requirement to keep your function from malfunctioning. Maintaining your software will include the removal of any unnecessary files and regularly updating network security systems. Regularly updating the software will also ease the management and monitoring of your outdoor LED screen remotely and you will be able to receive alerts to the first signs of malfunction before the problem becomes bigger.

Making sure the proper functioning of your hardware will not lead to any loose wire goof-ups to your system might include checking the wiring of the components, checking on fastening, etc.

Using it properly

The way you use your outdoor display screen plays an important role in maintaining it. Inculcating and taking care of these few points can help you make your LED display live a little longer.

Starting Up & Turning Off
Every time you start it up, you should first turn on the PC and then turn on the display. And while turning off your LED screens, it should go like first, LED display; second, control software; finally, computer.

If you turn off the computer first, it might cause some severe damages such as bright points and burn out.

Also, the interval between switching on and off should be at least 1 minute.

Have a check on the power supply

You must always keep a check and power your outdoor LED screen gradually, as too much power at once may overload the power distribution system.

And to avoid excessive electricity and other emergencies to the LED lamp beads, don’t play all white pictures with the high brightness being on for more than half an hour.
Do not play in full white, red, green, blue, and other full-bright screens for a long time, so as not to cause the current to flow in ample, resulting in the power cord being heated up, LED being damaged, and affecting the service life of the display.

Temperature regulation

While designing a LED a set temperature is kept in mind, this range is wide enough to withstand anything from sub-zero climates to burning heat waves comfortably, all you need to make sure is that the screen has been mounted within the operating temperature range.

Your screen might develop abnormalities in the absence of this monitoring.

 Keep a regular check

To keep a regular check, you must make sure that your outdoor LED Display is dry, free for any moisture inducing element, iron powder, and other easily conductive metal objects.

exposing the LED screen to humidity can be its death sentence as it can cause corrosion to the parts, which will cause permanent damage. Take the necessary steps to prevent it.

So, these were a few tips on how you can maintain your outdoor LED display, follow these crucial tips carefully to keep your advertising tool in good condition for a long. And, if looking one visit us to get quality outdoor LED display.

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