Should I use the Digital Signage software provided FREE by the hardware Manufacturer?


It’s Ok if you want to use it for single-screen video, Image or ticker but if you have to scale, you need software that can support different operating systems of the hardware.

In one of our experiences, with a renowned mall, it was revealed that the mall currently has 4 different Digital software to manage its network of screens in a single mall.

?One software for LED screens,

?one for Android tablets set up one for advertising in washrooms,

?one software to manage screens with the webOS operating system

?one to manage the Windows-based Kiosk.

This makes the Signage network unnecessarily complicated and highly inefficient to manage. The problem could have been easily avoided if BITSY DIGITAL SIGNAGE SOLUTIONS supporting multiple operating systems was used One dashboard to control all screens

Isn’t it awesome! ?????????? ???/???

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