Benefits of LED Walls Vs Projection Displays

Drawing a comparison between Led Walls and Projectors wouldn’t be a good idea as both are high end technologies in their own respect. Going by the basic definition of a projector, it’s an optical device that shows both still and moving images onto a projection screen. Recent technological developments have brought forth LCD projectors that do the same job of showing images, videos, films in a more transparent manner. The images that appear prove to be livelier with a crystal finish. Varied technological giants are more bent on selling these high-end projectors rather than the ordinary ones.

There lies no doubt about the fact on using projectors or LCD projectors in business, but if one wants to bring versatility in its presentation then it’s better to opt for LED Video Walls. One gets to see some jaw-dropping, vibrant images that can reach out to larger pool of customers at a time. With the passage of time, these LED Walls are bound to enter in the good books. Thanks to the brand new standards of video display and brighter image. It’s time that projectors face a tough competition. Standard Definition id on the verge of getting obsolete as High Definition is the new term that has entered the lives of mankind. The LED panels have the capability to run HD videos but for ordinary projectors it’s going to be a tough job.

These LED panels prove to be a great contributor to video wall solutions as they are a treat to the eyes of viewers. The LED Walls are far more improved and technology upgraded compared to projectors. Taking a look at some of the key differences between a projector and a LED panel, these are some of the areas where projectors have taken a backseat.

Key Differences:

  • Brightness- There remains every possibility for a projector to lose brightness with the first year of its usage. However, LED Walls don’t suffer from this difficulty. Rather, they are more capable of using more saturated colours like black. Projectors tend to lose 30% of vibrancy before the stipulated time frame.
  • Clarity- Projectors are incapable of projecting clear and crisp images as they have to first transfer the image to a projection screen which further will reach the viewers. By the time the light reaches the viewer’s eyes, it loses half of its clarity. LED walls can produce their own brightness which makes the image more vivid and clear for the viewers.
  • Savings on energy- going by average calculations, LED Walls require half of the energy compared to projectors. So there’s a great cut-down on the energy cost.
  • Can fit anywhere and everywhere- LED panels come in compact sizes that give the freedom to fit in a small space. On the other hand, projectors require large rooms to fit both the projector and the screen.
  • Less maintenance cost- Although the initial cost of  LED panel is much more than a projector, it’s maintenance cost is quite nominal than the projector. Technological deficiency of a projector is bound to burn a deeper hole in the customer’s pocket whereas minor issues in a LED display require very less maintenance cost.

Frankly speaking, LED displays would soon become torch bearers when it comes to outdoor digital display. It has become a favourite option for billboards, advertisements, stage shows to name a few. Although projectors have fulfilled the criteria of addressing a large audience within a small time frame, they still require improvements in various other spheres.



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