How Can AR/VR Help the Fashion Industry?

The integration of AR and VR solutions in the fashion industry offers exciting possibilities for both consumers and businesses. From virtual fitting rooms to interactive product visualization, these technologies can transform the way we discover, try on, and purchase fashion items. Understanding AR and VR AR and VR are both forms of extended reality technologies […]

Shocking facts about immersive immersive that no one knowns but should

You need to stimulate the prospect’s six senses, but which ones are typically disregarded? ✅?????? ?????????? Sight: the display should be in the field of view of the audience strategically  placed to avoid watching fatigue, the different factors have to be considered the nearest audience, the content to be displayed, the formula for visual acuity Hearing:- […]

Experience future of restaurant – Food Automation

future of restaurant

In recent years, advanced technology has equipped every industry, and the restaurant and food industry are no exception. With the emerging food automation, people’s dining experiences are evolving and becoming more comfortable, convenient and interactive. The way we order food has changed due to restaurant owners’ incorporation of various technological aspects. One of the aspects […]

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