Shocking facts about immersive immersive that no one knowns but should


You need to stimulate the prospect’s six senses, but which ones are typically disregarded?

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Sight: the display should be in the field of view of the audience strategically  placed to avoid watching fatigue, the different factors have to be considered the nearest audience, the content to be displayed, the formula for visual acuity

Hearing:- The audio should be at the right dB range with surround sound to make them feel that they are there in real time,

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Touch: Where ever the audience touches make it soft and smooth like the carpet, or sofa with good solid colors take care of each and every touch point from entry to exit of the customer touch experience

Smell:- how do feel when you smell coffee at Starbucks you feel like having one, choose a fragrance related to the experience you are providing and see that there is a subtle fragrance always

Taste How do you feel when you get a Kokam sharbat when you walk into a resort, treat your customer at entry and energize their taste buds, making them a taste of any regional delicacies

Mindset: ” The icing on the cake ” is an effective individual who can understand the prospect’s requirements and wants and educates him in a way that meets those needs – works on the prospect’s mindset

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