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Are you seeking for company providing end to end digital signage solutions in India? Bitsy Displays are an established and leading suppliers of digital signage systems in India. In this modern world, the competition for digital signage in India has been tremendously increasing and so to compete it, Bitsy Displays in Mumbai, is the name for which people talk about.

Being a digital signage company, our dealings are in LED displays. You can find our LED signage products at hotels, restaurants, cinema advertising, offices and many more places. Their clarity is awesome and possess peculiar characteristic which will compel you to buy them. They allow seamless content integration, saving you from the hassles of manually-loaded content. It gives you the freedom to strategically plan out and control the way your content is displayed.

Bitsy's digital signage systems add flair to the environment, mesmerizes your audience and improves their overall experience elevating your brand to greater heights. Our digital signage solutions provide the user with a system that is far superior than the old paper signage systems.

So, create a notable impression using our LED products of cutting edge technology at cost-effective solutions!

We are located in Mumbai, India. Feel free to Contact Us for further information about our digital signage solutions and it's pricing.

You can also discover our other digital display services such as Smart Displays & LED Video Walls to make a stronger brand impression on your customers.


Basically, there are four simple steps. First, it is necessary to CREATE content. The second step is to SCHEDULE the content so that it is played back at the suitable time and place. Next, it needs to be DISTRIBUTED to the server/client. When that is done, the final step is to PLAY BACK.

First you will need a DISPLAY, CLIENT COMPUTER (or we sometimes call them players or controllers), and SOFTWARE. When you have more than one client, you will want a NETWORK, whether that is a LAN or WAN, depends on the environment you would want to use, and software along with a server to distribute the content data. Finally the most important will be your image of what kind of CONTENT you would want to play with your digital signage.

CONTENT is what it is all about. A digital signage system will vary from one to another depending on the content displayed. When the owner of the system and its provider did not take time to ask enough questions to correctly define a suitable system, most of the time they will not bring the expected outcome.

Even though creating content is as SIMPLE as creating a presentation document, it could be a headache for those who are not designers or do not have skills to design. Bitsy Displays has a solution which does not require creation or, if you wish to create your own content, Bitsy Displays can provide training to get you ready to have your digital signage system running.

Yes. You might have an image of a digital signage system playing movies without sounds, but sound is one element you could use to effectively catch the audience. Back Ground Music, narration could be simply added to your content using the software.

Yes, Bitsy Displays Network Solution would be a choice to help you with WLAN network solutions. Our advanced technology and long experience in the networking business assures substantial quality.

LED Display and projectors are the major displays used for digital signage solutions. There are some other unique ones to make the most out of your digital signage. This will depend on the venue you install the displays.

Touch Screens are always good for places like malls, museums, amusement parks, or even stations. This is one of the optional uses digital signage could provide, searching features in the use such as way finders.

Yes, number of displays/clients varies from time to time. Starting with a pilot program and expanding the system with a migration plan is not an issue.

  • 1) Digital signage solutions will help in saving production cost versus creating MPEGs or DVDs. An MPEG player or TV can be plugged into a DVD player, but what you will see is the same content repeating over and over. With digital signage, the content is renewed and can stay fresh.
  • 2) Digital displays make it easy to change boards for new items, new pricing, sold out items, and more.
  • 3) Distribution costs can be reduced.
  • You will always be able to deliver content on time to align with special sales or events—you’ll never have to wait on print advertising to be made and shipped.
  • 4) Digital signage ensures visual consistency and compliance across multiple locations.
  • 5) You’re able to entertain customers or guests by using interactive content on digital signs.
  • 6) Digital signs eliminate the recurring costs associated with printing and shipping new static signs.
  • 7) Digital signs attract more attention by using high-definition motion graphics and video.
  • 8) Because you are able to connect and interact with your audience, you can display targeted content to cater to their wants and needs.
  • 9) You can increase audience engagement by offering special deals or coupons only available through your digital signs.
  • 10) If your signage is cloud-based, the software can be updated automatically by the vendor, which means you’ll never have to worry about your system becoming outdated.
  • 11) By using QR codes, your sign viewers can download any content you offer on your displays—whether it’s a discount code, a map of your facility, or a calendar of events.
  • 12) You can use content from your company’s website on your digital signs (and vice versa), which saves you time and creates more exposure for your message.
  • 13) Digital signs can save employees’ time by providing answers to questions that customers frequently ask, which frees employees up to focus on other important tasks.

ROI (Return on Investment) is an important element when making the decision to install digital signage. Here ROI is measured, for example, when retailers, theatres and other venues recognize increased sales. There are other ROI factors such as a simple reduction in costs, such as printing, shipping and labour. Defining what you want to accomplish (GOAL) and how you would measure that will be the key to make your installation a success. It is good to start with a pilot program, comparing digital signage used location with non-installed ones.

Just let us know through the contact form, and we will be happy to send you additional information. If you are interested in a specific product, please visit our product site linked from the product page which could help.