Must Know: Daily Maintenance Tips for LED Video Walls

More and more brands or companies are using LED displays for advertising. The locations for these are varied, but we see more buildings with LED screens or other types of outdoor advertising based on digital media. Thus, knowing the peculiarities of the outdoor maintenance of LED screens is fundamental to extend its life and improve the durability of the screens.

Therefore, and although we talked about the keys to a good maintenance of LED screens, we will now know more about the added challenges of outdoor maintenance.

Outdoor LED video walls and environmental conditions

You should keep in mind that, occasionally, outdoor LED screens are subjected to very severe environmental conditions, so it is advisable to periodically check and test the status of the external wiring as well as the seals of the Different LED modules.

Also, the dust and dirt that is deposited on the LED video walls can pose a problem in LED displays for outdoor advertising. To avoid conditions, it is advisable to carry out a periodic cleaning of the front of the screen, where the LEDs are.

Besides all this, the passage of time in combination with the high temperatures, cause an uneven aging of the LED video walls that integrate the screen, thus losing the initial color uniformity; Something to keep in mind, especially in buildings with screens. To counteract this phenomenon, it is advisable to perform a color calibration when the first signs of this occurring begin to appear. This calibration will be carried out using a high-performance camera, which captures the brightness of each LED, and special software that modifies the pixel-to-pixel brightness to homogenize the brightness of our LED display.

Finally, it is convenient to check the condition of the supporting metal structures. Whether LED video walls monopole, billboards or buildings with screens, the metal structures of these must be galvanized; but it is also advisable to check the joints with screws and welds.

Preventive maintenance of outdoor Video wall solutions:

  • Keep the humidity level at proper level and do not let the moisture enter the LED display. The components inside the LED get corroded when they get in touch with the moisture.
  • Avoid the possible problems via passive as well as active protection. Try keeping the external LED display as far as possible. When you clean the displays, try to be gentle as it reduces the harm to a large extent.
  • Keep the display clean as accumulation of dirt and dust often leads to lower viewing effect.
  • Provide stable power along with good ground protection to the screens. If the weather condition outside is bad then no need to start the screen.
  • Keep the screen off for 2 hours a day. Also, power Up the screens once a week atleast for best performance.
  • Check whether the outdoor digital display is working properly or not on regular basis. If there are faults then get them repaired at earliest.
  • Put the associated equipment and computer controls in air conditioned rooms with less and low amount of the dust. Unprofessional must not touch the internal circuit so as to avoid any damage or electric shocks.

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