The Future of LED Video Wall Solutions for Business

LED Screens – a new phenomenon in our streets. They really attract attention. But the main purpose of advertising media. Passengers standing at bus stops, motorists and pedestrians, waiting for the green light, shifting their attention to watching the bright dynamic videos, with the duration of the contact is at least 40-60 seconds (the average duration of a red traffic light).

Some customers have expressed concerns that the number of consumers is reduced as a result of periodical broadcast advertising their company, which could see the advertising message. But, for example, the success of plasmatron based on the fact that when you change the image every 20 seconds, the carrier draws 4 times more attention than a static billboard advertising on.

As for the LED screens, they attracted 7.5 times more attention than a static picture, and 5 times longer hold him. The maximum frequency of impressions commercials once in 180-300 seconds. LED advertising allows you to quickly make adjustments with a simple change in the program file. You can also change the brightness of the lighting and colors.The practicality of this advertising medium is its durability and increased resistance to environmental effects.

LED video walls is perfect for a quick change of information that the customer wants to convey to the consumer, without any additional investments. They compare favorably with other outdoor advertising media, which quickly lose relevance of the information.

In the field of advertising LED video walls have taken a leading position in the shortest possible time. By choosing them as an advertising medium, you can instantly feel their effectiveness and efficiency. The LED screen is not only high-tech source of increased information content, but also draws attention to the advertised company, selling goods or offering services.

There is no doubt that the future of LED advertising and video wall solutions is bright. When using it, be aware that dynamic advertising will be a lot of effective static. A combination of maximum brightness, a variety of colors with a minimum of energy consumption, makes this type of advertising media a profitable and efficient solution for the success of an advertising campaign of any business.

Video boards are the shining future of outdoor advertising. Among the trends observed in recent years in the advertising industry, is most notably – a reduction in the effectiveness of communication with the audience through the print media and TV.

All have recognized that online advertising wins confidence “traditional” and differ only in the projections exactly when and in what form this will happen. An important role in this process is played is the ubiquity of services high speed Internet access (including – mobile access), and on the other-hand the process of computerization IT devices unit of the consumer electronics segment – TV, audio centers, etc.

Against this background, the changes that occur on the outdoor advertising market, seem quiet and, in fact, evolutionary!

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