6 Common Digital Signage Pitfalls

Now The age is digital, anything you need is available digitally, it has made the world a smaller place, and so have the ways of promotion of products. From flyers, to T.V commercials, to online advertising and then digital signage, it can help you gain a lot of attention to your product, and hence increasing your chances of being in business.

But, it is very critical as there are few things to be taken care of while doing so, and given below are six digital signage pitfalls you should avoid:  


While you might have a 1080p resolution display, if the content is low quality it will engage no audience, while there are not a lot of things you can do if you are in a strict business environment but photos and videos will do wonders instead of just using words.


We get that you have a lot of things to offer to your audience but it does not mean that you put up all of your items on the screen as it won’t help. Instead use simple and eye-catching stuff leaving the audience wanting for more, and eventually contacting you.


If you are not able to interpret anything on display in 03 seconds you will not look at it. Same goes for other people, you do not want to read an essay, just use words which best describe your firm. And keep it to that, remember sentences not paragraphs.


While you might have had the freshest content on the block, but that was before 7 days. Digital marketing things need to keep evolving and changing for good and hence for attracting customers to them, it should be seen that a competent person is employed to update the text, graphics, designs etc. to avoid stale content.


Your signage should have a particular agenda as to what the aim is? What is the outcome we are expecting? etc. And not having a single person manage it as it might leave the project bewildered and incomplete.


While Powerpoint is good for business meetings and your upcoming project, but that is not what you would like to see when you are watching T.V or driving on the highway, always opt for graphics, video, text, animation etc.

These are the six pitfalls you should avoid while marketing or promoting. And if you are looking to opt for Digital signage in India, then Bitsy Displays is all you need for your digital signage solutions. Having the most reputed companies as their clients, you can be sure of their customer service and solutions. Contact them today to get the hike in your business you’ve always wanted.

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