Why LED Video Walls are Considered as Smart Investment?

LED video walls are not a novelty but certainly catch the attention of whoever passes by it. It is an arrangement of multiple monitors put together for a visual of one large screen. This type of sight is extremely engaging and very eye catching. And an amazing fact about it is that it enhances the display, resolution and quality to a great amazing extend.

A few more amazing points will prove why it is a smart investment.

  • Higher content quality

As the size of the video wall increases, the resolution and quality of the content also increases. With the increase in each individual display, the resolution becomes higher than ever before. By summing up the height and width of all the screens on the video wall, the resolution and quality can be easily calculated. After calculating the resolution, the digital signage software be adjusted according to it. For achieving optimum results, the content selected must match the screen resolution.

  • Durable with variable processing power

Video walls are not merely large screens, they are in fact, a very good investment because of their durability and active longer period. It is designed to function 24/7 without much maintenance. A projector may seem like a cheaper way to get out of it, but in the long run, video Walls are way cheaper as they do not require much maintenance, while on the other hand, projectors require a lot of maintenance and cannot work 24/7. A video wall processor is involved, while installing a video wall to ensure that the content which is displayed on the screen runs smoothly.

  • Flexibility with many variations

A video wall usually displays from only one source, it is a true fact but inly up to an extent. A video wall is a lot more than just a standard display multiplied in size. A video wall can be used for a lot of things like at the games, for displaying scores, stats and also used for various announcements. A video wall can either be used to display content which is stretched across all the display screens or use different content for each screen.

  • Works great with interactivity

To make the video wall more interactive, touch is introduced as a part of video wall solutions. Going through maps, searching data and playing games are some forms of interaction which the video Walls provide on a large scale.

  • Useful for any industry

A video wall is an excellent choice when it comes to marketing. It has unique fashion to display content more efficiently than a standard digital display. A person passing by will only look at the billboard once, but video Walls are highly attention seeking. Hence advertising on this is much more effective than any other means.

Surely the investment in the first go is going to be a lot more than expected but video Walls are sure to get you the returns you need.


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