How Interactive Digital Signage Is Changing Offline Marketing Trends By Putting The User First

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What Is Interactive Digital Signage?

If personalization has become the trend advancement and is the future of marketing, interactive digital signage is the major to that future. Interactive digital signage is a highlighting marketing tool trend as it puts the users at the forefront. Advertisements, information that the daily audience may view and pass on, and playing promotional content is traditional digital signage—but now, revamping your strategy by introducing interactivity.   

A ‘personalized experience’ is offered to users by interactive digital signage solutions, thus putting them in the driving seat and permitting them to control the view on the screens and how they view it. Hence, it equips the brands with uniquely dynamic content, thus outstanding the brand with more excitement & engagement on the device for their audience. Lack of personalization on the part of retail marketing through digital signage India has resulted in ups and downs for marketers. With The rising interactive element coming to the level, offline and online marketing channels are now buzzed with super-engaging promotions and brand stories that profoundly generate and sustain the audience’s interests. Is interactive digital signage an excellent choice for offline marketing and for strengthening the brand?   

Significant advancement is the feature of interactive technology caused by the Internet of Things, the invention of motion sensors, gesture control, mid-air haptic interaction, interactive digital signage software, interactive digital, and many more. Brands have much to go beyond the regular experiment and make an effective impression on their users.  

These examples show advancements in interactive technology for their digital signage procedures and set new marketing trends.

3 Best Interactive Digital Signage Examples

Various brands all around the world have changed their advertisements into interactive activities and made them fun and attractive for the audience. The examples will give you a perfect idea of the extent stretch of interactive digital signage and how it can attract users to buy

Arneg showroom

The showroom invites visitors with a uniquely-designed interactive digital signage system that implements them to view the showroom map, find access points, and go to the photo and video gallery— all at a go via touchscreen interactivity. The brand has combined interactive digital wayfinding with information and entertainment to offer visitors an unforgettable experience.

Nescafe interactive DOOH (Shanghai metro station)

Nescafe broke all regulatory norms of product marketing and slid above the usual marketing benchmark to promote their cold brew coffee at the Shanghai metro station. The interactive digital signage solutions screen lets the users play a fun game with the help of motion sensor technology and win a free bottle of the newly launched coffee taste.

KitKat interactive DOOH (Bogota, Colombia)

KitKat surprised consumers with free chocolate bar offerings through an interactive out-of-home digital signage solution. The interactive digital showed a dancing avatar that inspired the nearby commuters to shake a leg with it. On winning the dance game, the participants were given a free chocolate bar. 

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