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Showcase your business with the versatility of a LED video walls or LED video panels. Create stunning visuals by designing a vibrant retail store display on the led video panels & reach out to large audiences easily. When you want to stand out from the rest, use a video wall to deliver your message across. If you're looking for a well known LED video panel suppliers in Mumbai or anywhere in India for your next event / advertisement then, look no further.

We having been serving a varied range of customers with electronic led video panels for their bespoke needs. Our video wall solutions are ideal for outdoor hoardings, out of the home advertisements, events as well as large concerts. Whatever your need be, you can find an ideal LED video wall for your specific needs with us.

We provide symmetric and asymmetric, high-resolution video wall solutions at the most affordable prices to suit both indoor and outdoor requirements. Being highly flexible, these LED video panels can be assembled and programmed to accommodate any content requirement for applications ranging from advertising to creating public awareness and command centers.

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A led video wall typically requires a significant investment, and is often the most expensive line item in a facility’s capital outlay for an AV project. While the videowall functions as a single display, it is always important to remember that it is a system.
Whether for artistic reasons, to enhance the ambiance of your business space or provide branding and other marketing information or data to your clients, visitors or the public, LED video walls are an excellent way to create a positive impact in a space and get everyone’s attention on whatever information or imagery you want to display. They are also applicable to a command centre setting and can be an invaluable tool in keeping your team informed on a number of issues. Since a led video wall is a grouping of display screens, they can be used to create one whole image or dissected into different parts so multiple images can be seen on each individual screen.
Videowall processors are a significant component of the videowall in terms of cost. They provide features common to conventional scalers or video processors, but have greater input, output, and processing capability. The increased number of inputs and outputs creates requirements for many more dimensions of processing and image enhancements, providing greater value.

Userful software appliance is designed to make video wall content creation simple and straightforward. No special steps are required to create content for your artistic video wall. The canvas is the bounding rectangle that encloses all the pixels of all the displays within the video wall. For HTML5 content, the Userful host will launch a browser window of exactly the same height and width as the video wall. You can either create content optimized for this aspect ratio, design the layout of your artistic video wall to match a desired aspect ratio, or use responsive design techniques when building your HTML content so that it adapts cleanly to a variety of aspect ratios. If you are playing video content (e.g., using the Signage Player source), it will play your video centered horizontally and vertically, depending on the scaling option selected (Scale to Fit, Zoom full-screen, or Stretch full-screen).

Canvas size is dynamically optimized based on the screen resolution (net pixel size including bezels) for interactive sessions. You can also limit the canvas size while configuring zones through Control Center. Our software automatically scales up and scales down the canvas size as required. You could simultaneously play 8k content on a 1080p wall and 1080p content on an 8k wall. You will get the best visual fidelity when your canvas matches your wall, or will be wasting performance when your canvas is bigger than your wall.

A video wall controller takes the content from an input source, splits it into different sections, and sends each section to its corresponding screen on the video wall. They also have management interfaces for easier administration and configuration of led video walls. For example, the Userful video wall solution includes an intuitive browser-based management console that allows users to perform more advanced tasks, such as bezel correction, display pixel-alignment, and color calibration, as well as providing a platform to design unique artistic, mosaic-style, video walls.

Yes. In the traditional sense, a video wall processor refers to the device (typically a PC/Server) that supports the various inputs and outputs, as well as content processing power (such as video scaling). Video wall controllers, on the other hand, provide a management interface for led video walls. Nowadays, there are many video wall solutions that integrate both the processor and the controller in the same device, that is why the two terms are sometimes used interchangeably.

Basically any computer monitor or domestic TV that supports either HDMI, DVI or composite video inputs. You can purchase HDMI to VGA and HDMI to component convertors also.

No, you can mix any compatible screens within a PiWall. This includes screens of different sizes, different aspect ratios,different resolutions and different orientations.

Yes, we can even compensate for bezels of different thickness for each screen. You can also turn bezel compensation off if you are displaying mostly text content that wasn’t created with a video wall in mind.

Bezels are Those grid lines (Borders of LED displays) that interrupt the video wall's expanse of images - which can not only be annoying for certain content, but the optical gaps can actually hide information, or make it hard to read, and limit the full use of the video wall itself. So, in recent years, companies have been trying to make the bezel thinner and thinner to overcome this distracting limitation. One can opt for a LED video wall or LED video panel with different bezel sizes depending upon the Budget.

No. Installation of the Video wall requires a special push –pull brackets. They are Designed to make video wall installations as quick and simple as possible, this modular video wall mount can be used to create unlimited video wall configurations in both landscape and portrait format. It has a pop-in, pop-out feature system which enables quick and easy access to the rear of mounted screens for servicing and maintenance making accurate screen alignment quick and easy.