When and How Should QR Codes Be Used in Digital Signage Solutions?

QR codes in a while have gone from not being known about to being ever-present in a relatively short period of time. One of the reasons for its ubiquitous popularity is the digitization of payments, and the other reason is the use of QR for carrying out the simplest of work through the COVID -19 situation. QR codes have come a long way from increasing sales to offering better customer experiences.  

Here are a few ways to include QR codes in digital signage: 

Build engaging CTAs:

If there is an offer you think will feature on your digital signage network. Including a specific CTA (call to action) that catches your visitor’s sight, which in turn will help you in connecting with them. In a retail setting, this is equivalent to checking out the products, while in banking, it is similar to looking up a particular kind of financing.  In health care, it can be used for visitors’ feedback to improve the experiences of queue management and check-in.

A QR code on digital signage systems is an excellent way to seek attention from visitors and get instant action. QR codes motivate immediate action rather than waiting for the customers to see and think about the offers. It also excludes the need to follow up later. Anyone can simply scan the code and be redirected to the targeted digital page for complete details. It enables you to connect and engage with the audience with ease.     

QR codes can be used by fashion retail brands for promoting specific products with the display of product images on commercial screens and then directing the customers to relevant pages through the QR code for more details. The shopper can explore the products in-depth, with their chances of purchasing the outfit more successful. 

QR codes are perfect when you need a specific response from the client or want to direct your customer to a particular way to assist them in getting things done. It is just about how you display appropriate content on the digital signage solutions with CTA set-up and easily accessible QR.  

Queue Management through QR codes:

QR codes are a great way to manage queues and occupancy with capacity limits. It is excellent for managing the limits during any events or covid-19 restrictions. 

In a retail service-based setting, digital signage can be placed outside the store, exhibiting QR codes with instructions and capacity information together. Individuals can scan the QR code and virtually book themselves into the queue. With a queue management platform’s SMS notifications, the customer can get other things done in the nearby place until they receive a notification message about their queue status and when they are supposed to be at the store. 

Provide wayfinding self-navigation

Digital wayfinding is a unique solution to help visitors navigate complex or large spaces like hospitals and shopping malls. Wayfinding devices can be positioned on free-standing kiosks, desk stands, and wall mounting displays. One can simply check on the device on how to navigate through by selecting the place and finding their way with detailed directions by the Wayfinder. Here’s what it looks like in practice: Digital wayfinding is extremely helpful on its own when it comes to navigation in large spaces. Implementation of QR codes in conjunction with wayfinding makes things even better with the use of technology at its best. Simply scan a QR code on the digital signage India through your smartphone and have the directions with you for a self-navigation experience on the go, which is so convenient. 

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